Tuesday, January 12, 2010


As I mentioned before....I went tobogganing this weekend.

What I didn't mention is that I went tobogganing with some of the most lovely people that have ever existed this weekend.

I had an absolutely wonderful time. It took me back to my childhood. It reminded me of things that I had promised myself when I moved back home from Europe. It showed me how much I love the people who are in my life. It reaffirmed how life is actually pretty darn awesome.

The afternoon was entirely too much fun and filled with oh so much laughter and smiles. And bumps on the head, snow in the face and a few instances of almost running over each other. And maybe a small child or two.

I don't really know what else to write..I guess the pictures will sum it up much better than I can! So here goes!

The Dream Team

Climbing our way to the summit - which is much more terrifying then it looked at the bottom - Thus...we made the boys go first.

Next up? STASHLEY! And they're so cute!

Snow in da faaaaaaaaaaace

Matt is such a daredevil - no hands?! He's a CRAZY MAN.

Who needs crazy carpets when you have a real sled?

More snow in da faaaaaaaace.

My brother decided to try going down standing up. And he SURVIVED.

Hein after an intense ride down the hill - look at the condition of that poor crazy carpet - haha!

The gang. And you know, of course..the only picture with me in it..and I look like a fool. Apparently I was having so much fun I was sleeping. Or we can blame it on the fact that I hit my head. Yeah, let's do that.

Oh! And as for these questions - First - I am a little too old for this. I may not have broken a hip...but I did walk away from the hill battered, bruised and sore. And I may or may not have smashed my head into the ice...whoops. Secondly - Yes, I may have turned into a popsicle. For real. My hair got wet and froze into long icicles. Yeah. Welcome to Canada eh. Third - Yep - We were the only ones there without a kid on the hill. But it was okay..because apparently we were 'cool older kids' and all of the kids wanted to be friends with us. And wanted to race us. And sled with us. Because we're just that awesome. Finally - Hein did crash into everything and everyone - and even managed to do a full ROLL on his crazy carpet - somehow rolling right back onto his crazy carpet and continuing on down the hill. He barely managed to escape taking out two kids who decided to stand in the MIDDLE of the hill because our group of 20 somethings started screaming at them to get out of the way as he was barrelling straight towards them.

I'm still not sure how this day happened...a whole bunch of random awesome people coming together at the last minute to have a great time doing something that we haven't done in years! It was awesome..and confirmed to me that we must go do stuff like this again. Next week...skating..snow mobiling or skiing? Who knows..I may just turn out to like this winter crap after all. Maybe. But don't tell mother nature I said that..or you're dead meat.


  1. Hahahaha! Ok, so I follow "The Misadventures of Miss Manship" and I read the guest blog today thinking "This is a GREAT story!" then I go to see who the guest is...and its YOU! EVEN BETTER!

    Guess we were destine to be friends b/c if I hadn't found you yesterday it definitely would have been today :)

    So...Woooow, what an experience! Living in a spanish speaking country (and speaking VEEERY little spanish myself) I can totally understand!

    I think I would have been torn between laughing and freaking out if people were yelling at me to OBLITERATE anything! lol!

    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing!

    (P.S. I am the guest blogger for next week! I sent my story in on Monday! Woohoo!)

  2. LOLOL! That's TOO funny - I'm glad you like my random babbles - I'm pretty fond of yours too! :)