Monday, January 25, 2010

Drywall Demeanor

We live out of the city - which means that when you're going INTO the city, you need to make sure you're getting everything you need, want or desire because you're not necessarily going back right away, and there is no point making extra trips when a single round trip is upwards of an hour or more round trip - just to get in and out - that's not even including the time spent doing whatever you need to be doing. Or the time spent in traffic. Or stopping for Ride programs. Or time spent behind some idiot going 20k below the speedlimit. Or you know, the other hilarities life might decide to throw your way.

So before heading into town...I always try to ask if there is anything people need me to pick up or do and remind them that I have my cellphone if there is anything that they think of that I can pick up while I'm in town doing errands or visiting friends or what have you.

Today as I was about to start heading back home, I got a phone call from my Dad, who is keeping busy working away putting the kitchen back together again. Turns out, he needed something and wanted me to pick up some more mud stuff for drywall - and of course I obliged.

Well, let me clarify.

After a few minutes of him trying to describe what he wanted me to pick up for him he eventually told me that he'd call and get them to get it all ready for me. He then gave me some very exact directions as to how to get there, which door to go in and the people I should talk to in the department I needed to go to....and THEN I was of COURSE able to oblige.

Anyway, so I showed up thanks to the precise directions and told them who I was and what I was looking for...and the man sort of looked at me, laughed and said so you're stuck doing the errands today eh? har har har. I sort of laughed a little and was like..yep..that's me..the gopher.

But then another man that worked there walked by and was like So you're the gopher doing the errands today eh?! Somebodys putting you to work eh! Har har har and I just nodded and smiled my sweet, innocent slightly confused smile and continued waiting.

After I signed some paperwork to put it on my Dad's account the guy pointed me in the direction of the warehouse I needed to go to pick up the stuff I needed.

I showed up, I showed the guys my papers and he was like....someones got you doing all the running around picking stuff up today eh! ha ha ha!

And I was like..uhh..yeah.

And then another man came out and wouldn't let me carry the stuff to my car...even though I assured him that I was quite capable of carrying a measly fifty pound box of stuff, he flat out refused to let me carry it and carried it all the way to my car for me and told me to have a good day now, and to make sure I had someone to carry that big heavy box out of my car for me at home.

It seems that they all were completely and totally convinced that I was a little incompetent girly girl and that there was no way in hell that I would be buying drywall material...for myself.

I really don't know what gave them that impression.

Okay - so I'm not a guy.

And granted, I didn't have any drywall dust and muck all over me.

And I have to admit, I'm not the most adept about all of these things - but all I had to do was ask for one wasn't rocket science. And I don't think that I messed up....but I just couldn't figure it out - why were they ALL so very convinced that I this little ditzy girl that only ran around doing errands?

After thinking about it for a little bit...I figured that it was probably the fact that I had forgotten my truck at home and was driving my car. Which subsequently was the only car in the parking lot filled with trucks.

But it's not like I was dressed in a completely impractical but oh so cute pea coat, pashmina and ballet flats in the middle of January in Ontario or anything.

Definitely not. I mean, I wouldn't do that EVER. Let alone at a building supplies store.

Yeah, it definitely MUST have been the truck thing. Oi.

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