Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Das Ist Sehr Gut

The other day I opened Itunes and sighed.

Same old boring music.

Then I went to my other computer.

Eh. Not so interesting music either.

So I decided to peruse the in-tra-net in hopes of finding a half decent radio station to listen to live. But then I got angry..because I really don't CARE about some new special on fake n' bake tans or lumber or whatever else the adverts were trying to sell me. I just wanted to listen to some MUSIC. And when the radio stations finally did start playing wasn't even that GREAT. It was Okay..ish.

Way to let me down world.

Then I started getting all nostolgic...Remembering how in Z├╝rich the radio station was just so awesome. Yeah, the radio STATION. Not stations. There are like, four radio stations in all of Switzerland and they're all government there are basically zero ads on them and they just play good music and have good contests and it's amusing. At least this one that I (and virtually everyone else..) listened to did. It was really the only one that mattered anyways.

I never dreaded getting into the car because I always knew that I'd be happily listening to some good tunes while driving around. I never doubted this. Whether it was a latest song that was topping the charts, some ACTUAL classic tune from the 90's or some hilarious germans crooning words that I didn't at all understand...I was never disappointed.

I got a little woe is me thinking about it. Thinking about how much I miss Europe...but how much I REALLY miss european radio. That stuff is just awesome.

Then I decided to search for the radio station online. Since it's the biggest radio station in Switzerland...they probably would live stream it? Wouldn't they?!

..and what do you know? They DO!

And to listen to it...all I had to do was navigate the site in German and after twenty minutes of fighting with it to just let me listen for gods sake - ta-da - the euro top 40, some good old 90's tunes and the news in German. I even heard an advert for the new Stress concert. But the fact that there was some small slight ads on my favourite radio station didn't bother me. Because the only thing I understood out of the entire blip was that Stress was doing a concert. And tickets were 75 francs. The rest...was just some German babbles that was completely over my head. And I don't even mind the harsh icky sounding German anymore....kinda made me a little nostolgic and put a little smile on my face.

Who'da thunk it?

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