Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Little Tattle Tale

Tonight I was at my cousins house when one of their dogs started barking.

I don't have favourites. But she may be one that I love LOTS and LOTS and LOTS. Not that I don't love them all or anything. 'Cause I don't have favourites. But we do have a special bond...I mean...we have the same taste in clothes and EVERYTHING.

Erm - Please excuse the horrid picture. And the hair. And the sweatpants. And the general ick. I hadn't slept in days and it was the middle of the night trying to unpack my cousins house after we'd spent the entire day moving all of their crap in. So I was really tired. And a mess. And apparently gave up showering. And wearing normal clothes. But it's the only picture I have of us together wearing our twin shirts. It means we're soulmates. Duh.

ANYWAY. Her name is Dottie..and she's a tattle tale.

You see, they have three other dogs besides the dot-ster...and the biggest of the bunch is named trouble. Well - not actually. Her name is Alba..but it SHOULD be trouble. She is sneaky and far too smart and always finding ways to get into trouble.

And ANY time that she's even THINKING about getting into trouble..along comes Dot like a dirty sock - barking her little head off...sounding the Alarm that Trouble is coming. Trouble being Alba...of course.

So tonight we're playing some cards - when suddenly - barking happens. Not too unusual - it's a house with four dogs. And then I'm like...that's Dottie barking. Where's Alba? And of course - she's nowhere to be seen.

So I go into the kitchen and low and behold..She's opened the kitchen cupboards and has her head jammed in the cupboard staring at something.

If you guessed Alba in the Cupboard with a bottle of Vodka....AND if we were playing'd totally win. Totally.

Too bad we're not...sucka.

PS - Please note how in the horrid picture featured above...Alba is sulking in the corner and Dottie is staring her down. Point proven? I think yes.

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