Friday, January 15, 2010

Creeping Love

Last night...I proved that I am a GIANT CREEPER.

And for's not in the facebook way. Well, I am a creeper in that way. DUH. Infact, I am a GIANT creeper in the facebook way. But that's not my point. My point is...not only can I creep on facebook..but I actually have even more intense creeper tendencies than you could have ever imagined.

You see...I'm kinda like Perez. Except in the not gay, normal hair colour..not celeb obsessed way. Which MAY seem like no way at all...except that we're still basically the same. Except not. Unless you count that I get tips and info about the wearabouts of people in my life - even though they're not in the same city as me...and then can use them to my advantage being the same. Which I do. Because I use that advantage to prove that I'm a creeper and probably deserve a tiara of creeper-ness.

You're probably confused by now. Let me explain. SO. I was sitting around...when I was kindly informed that a friend who was out of town was out for dinner with someone my informat didn't know, in a city we don't live in.

So of course, being the giant creeper that I am...I texted to ask how her dinner was going....using the name of the restaurant she was at.

Which of course..resulted in some complete and utter confusion on her behalf.

Yeah - I have peeps following my friends. So that I can creep them out. And make them wonder how the heck I know random details about their wearabouts when they're on business trips. Mawhaha!

If that's not love...OR not awesome...then I just don't know what to tell you.

Creeping is love people, creeping is love.

PS - You should probably practice bowing down to my creeping powers now.

PPS - Next I plan to take over the world with them - watch out!

PPPS - It may have been a complete and total coincidence that both my "informant" and my friend were at a random pub last night. And since they don't live in the same city, and have only met each other once...that the friend didn't see or recognize "the informant". That being said, it MAY have been coincidence that I happned to talk to said "informant" that evening...and a small coincidence that they mentioned that they saw the aformentioned friend. And a slight coincidence that I used that information to confuse and freak said friend out via text message. Because I'm awesome like that.

PPPPS - I really like the post script function of writing. It's all kinds of awesome.


  1. Weeeeeee! I *heart* being a creeper :)

    and I totally followed your first 2 paragraphs b/c Im awesome...and you're awesome.

    Happy FRIDAY, Creeper!

    P.s. I LOVE that you had 4 P.S' that how you spell P.s's? PS's P.S.S? Dunno. But Im sure you follow.

  2. Hahah - I'm glad somebody was able to follow it!

    Of course I do - LOL! We're definitely two peas in a pod :P