Friday, January 8, 2010

Roadtrips Rule..Planes Drool

So my cousin is moving on Monday. To Boston.

And last time I checked...that's NOT so close to me.

Which makes my heart a little sad. Well, a lot sad actually. I wish she could stay here and have fun with me..but alas..she needs a real grown-up job - and this was an opportunity far too exciting to pass up. (< Blatant Bragging > - ONE OF MY VERY BEST COUSINS WORKS FOR HARVARD 'YO - HAAAAARVAAAAAAAAARD < /Blatant Bragging >) And besides, it's only a...erm...ten hour drive. And a short plane ride.

Well it was a short plane ride. But thanks to some people behaving like idiots on planes lately..there are a whole hoo-ha of new security measures and restrictions and headaches when trying to board a plane...which make the plane experience a heck of a lot more difficult.

Now I understand that it's important to be secure...and I understanding taking extra precautions because some people can't grow up and be normal and want to do all sorts of crazy things. And I've accidentally taken things on planes with me I know that the rules can (even accidentally) be broken. Scarily easily actually. Without thinking about it...I packed bottles of Ouzo with me from Greece to Milan. In my carry on. And I didn't get stopped or questioned. When I realized it...I wasn't going to be like...WHOOPS...I'm SO sorry...I'm an idiot...confiscate these please. Seeing as though I was ON the plane already and being like...I have things I'm not supposed to have with me on this here plane...probably not such a good idea. So I kept my mouth shut and my booze stored securely in the overhead compartments.

So I understand going through your things with a fine tooth comb. And I can live with them being extra thorough and over the top. And I understand that progress needs to happen, and that clearly the old ways aren't necessarily working.

But I don't know quite how to feel about this.

I get that it'll help to catch people who are doing things that they're not supposed to. And I definitely don't want crazys on my airplane. Or really, on ANY airplane. And it's all blah blah blah decrease other security measures like patdowns and such. Which aren't so much fun either.

But having someone see me naked through a scanner?

I'm pretty sure that I REALLY don't want that either.

...Roadtrips to Boston it is?

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