Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Canadian Camouflage

I bet you never knew that Canada had magical powers. But it's true..I swear to is..we REALLY do.

You see, around and about this time of year...we as a country have amazing magical abilities. In fact, we're so awesome that we're actually almost the mighty morphing power rangers - it's seriously true.

It's a funny thing about living in this area of the world...winter hits and everything is lovely and sparkly and white. The whole world glistens this beautiful glow...

And then...

It happens.

I'm not sure whether it's because of a national security threat, or it's basic training in the possible event of a national security threat....or if it's just because we're just too plain old nice for our own good...but it HAPPENS.

What happens exactly you want to know?


Like I said - we the Canadian people...are the mighty morphing freakin' power rangers.

You see, as the winter goes on...the snow starts to look a little...not so nice. It gets brown and kind of gross and instead of being its nice, white, lovely self regular white yucky's this brown icky everywhere you look. So, being the far too nice people that we are...we don't want to make the snow FEEL we camouflageingly morph our cars to look exactly like it.

Don't believe me?

I came home the other night and said "who the heck is here driving a BROWN CAR?"

..and then I realized that it was my mothers silver car.

Classic case of guilt induced camouflage morphing.


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  1. As a native of Colorado I understand this a little to well! I don't mind the snow, its the melting process that I can't stand.

    Love your writing. Thanks for the blog love :)