Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Opposite of Erin is...

My brother and I are complete opposites...and sometimes that's difficult.

We always have been, and I`m sure we always will be...it`s just the way that we are. Where I like reading, writing, shiny things and shopping..he`s more of a...save your pennys, i can do math, fixing things sort of guy. So far in our lives...it works out okay...we each do the things we like and since we`ve basically signed on to be business partners for life...that's kinda a good thing I think...especially since our roles in the business vary DRASTICALLY and we each need our indivudual skill sets in order to be able to prosper.

Sure, we have our differences....and I think that it makes it harder for each of us to understand the other and what they're doing sometimes...but that's life. Despite this...I think that we`re able to hang out and get along and manage to work together is because now that we`re older because...as much as we are different from one another...we are still very similar in our key foundational morals and values sort of way.

That being said...we're still very very VERY different.

I've always said that if he's good at fixing things...then well....I'm good at...breaking them. Opposites..yeah?

Need an example? Okay. I GUESS I could PROBABLY come up with one or two or a hundred gagillion.

So - last night I was all fiddling around with my laptop...when I noticed that some little piece of something had gotten lodged underneath one of the keys. Being the genius computer expert that I am...I was all...I can get this out..no worries.

So I was working away with various sophisticated tools (definitely not tweezers, a q-tip and a toothpick) to help me do this when suddenly...my ctrl key makes this weird breaking sound.

It doesn't look like that big of a deal - it's slightly askew..but nothing horrible..and then I gently nudge it to try and send it back to where it should be...and it REALLY pops RIGHT off.

Not good. Not good at all.

So I sit there for a good half hour fiddling with it and this little wire thing and these plastic bits (who knew keyboard keys had so many PARTS - they're KEYS for crying out loud.) in an attempt to put it back together..when I see my brothers fiance walk past my bedroom...she looks at me, looks at the keyboard and laughs - walks into my brothers bedroom and tells him that he needs to go help me...probably telling him what I doofus I am in the process.

He comes in, snip, snap, pop - and my computer is magically fixed and he leaves me staring after him wondering how the heck he did it.

Okay - So sometimes being opposites is just plain old awesome afterall.


  1. Dontcha just LOVE siblings!

    BTW- You might want to check out my site soon ;)

    HAPPY Tuesday!

  2. Oh gosh that's awesome. My husband is that way with me and I always get those weird looks from him too.