Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Life has been crazy.

I haven't been making enough time for the people I love, or the people that love me.

I know this. There are future updates about my thoughts, worries and paranoia about this to come.

But for now..let's just say that I did a little catching up tonight. With friends who are dear to my heart where I was able to indulge in some yummy food and was subsequently showered in love by a little boy who always seems to make me smile..no matter what.

I was told that I'm never allowed to leave the country again, should never have a boyfriend unless it was him and then I was cuddled because I am the "berry best cuddlebug in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD". After that I was given a bajillion kisses and sang a song about how I am the very best auntie Erin in the whoooooooole world...which ended with a whole bunch of high pitched seranades describing how awesome I am.

Five year olds know where it's at. It being me, of course.

I can't believe that he's five. What happened to the little four pound imp I held at the hospital and was so scared of breaking? How did that little fella grow into this big boy who's gaining inches on me as I stare in disbelief and can't believe how tall he's getting. How is it possible that he knows his full address? That he can count to a bajillion and has a half a dozen girlfriends wherever he goes? (I'm his favourite - duh.) I don't know where the time has gone and he's grown up so much...it seems like yesterday when he took his first steps, when his only words were '(tr)ucks' and 'big (tr)ucks'..when strangers were scary...and cuddles and a popsicle could cure all of lifes woes. Those times stretching so far into the past these days...makes me so scared for the days when he pulls away from my goodnight kisses, when he won't hold my hand anymore and when he tells me that girls are yucky. Because, well, I'm not sure if you know this...but, well...I'm kinda a girl...and if girls are yucky..then that means he might think that I'M yucky...and then that will just plain old break my little heart.

For now I guess I'll just have to take my cuddles where I can get them, kiss him extra for when he's a teenager and he's too cool to come within ten feet of me and take lots of pictures to remind me of when he was so little, so sweet and the cutest little guy that I ever did see.

I need more times like this. Times that make my heart so happy...and I get my very own cute as can be cuddlebug.

Why can't boys MY age that are actually within boyfriend range be this sweet and cute? Write me songs about how much they love me and want to cuddle, offer up their hard earned pennies and dimes (erm - in the lil fella's case - it was...literally...pennies..and dimes) to treat his date (ME! :O) to dinner. Stupid life! Boys suck. Unless they're five. Then I love them.

Ugh...on that note..it's bedtime...because that's a whole other can of worms that is a completely different post for a completely different sleepless night.

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