Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome Home

I'm soon moving back to my sweet, quaint and hopefully peaceful existence in Canada after an entire year away in my psuedo-home just outside of Zurich..

I've gotten so into the habit of blogging in this form though..that I don't know if I can really end my 'blogging' story here..and it just doesn't feel right to continue to update my Switzerland blog about random things when I'm Switzerland...I just feel like this is a completely new chapter of my life all over again..even if it is "just" to go home.

I'm going home with a new love for home...for the people, the places and the things there...I'm going home with a newfound appreciation..with new goals, and ideas and perspectives..

Sometimes it scares me, sometimes I don't want this particular European adventure to end..and sometimes I just want to be home more than anything..

If nothing else though..I know that I have a newfound love and respect for making the most of things, for living each day, each moment and cherishing it. For going above and beyond to do the things that make ME happy, and I think that more than anything..this blog will be a record of the happy things in my life that make me love my life in Canada.

Just because I'm going home, doesn't mean that the adventures have to end..and that's what this blog will get to do...But don't worry..I'm sure I'll have another blog dedicated to another travel destination at some point or another!