Sunday, September 5, 2010

How Very Interesting

A while ago I stumbled across this website.

I don't know how exactly - some link from here to there and back again, I'm sure.

It intrigued me though - certain aspects of this website, these ideas, this philosophy.

Little bits of truth that are out there in the universe, that we all intrinsically know or could know. And usually, at some point or another (and some more often than others) need a reminder of.

So I signed up, figuring what was the worst? They sell my email and I delete myself from their email list and block any spam mail? It's happened before, and I'm sure it'll happen again. The next morning - what did I find? Another email in my inbox. Except this one had a sort of unusual sender - 'cause it was, from, you know, THE UNIVERSE.

So I started getting emails - and I could have sworn that someone was crawling into my brain while I slept, figuring out what I needed to hear..what I needed to be reminded of - and then sending me that info in a nicely worded email every morning.

Here's a few of my favourites - that have always seemed to have something to do with what I'm thinking at the current second, and


The ease of change, Erin, is directly proportional to one's willingness to reconsider what's best for themselves.

I say let it be easy -
The Universe


Somewhere, over the rainbow, Erin, there's a world where birds sing into every night, flowers bloom across every land, each problem has 10,000 solutions, and people live lives only to love and be loved...

Just like under the rainbow.

Ain't life grand?
The Universe


One of the coolest things about time and space, Erin, is that it's impossible to kid oneself indefinitely.

The Universe


One of the many fringe benefits of having sneaky, pushy, and demanding people in your life, Erin, comes when you realize - usually at the end of a long day, deep in thought, with a pot of warm cherry Kool-Aid by your side - that in spite of all the drama, huffing, and puffing, no one can keep you from yours.

Yeah, baby -
The Universe


It's one trick, Erin, to manifest exactly what you want.

It's another to bring about something even better.

Leave the door open,
The Universe


Erin, you're the only person who knows what's right for you.

The only one.

And if you already know what this is, commit to it. If you don't, commit to nothing.

Only you know,
The Universe


You can choose to go, do, be, and have, and in the end you'll exclaim, shocked and bewildered, that because of all the synchronicities of your life, all the "clicks" and "coincidences," and the many happy "accidents," your bounty and good fortune must have been your destiny.

Or, you might choose to wait for a miracle, a savior, or divine intervention, and in the end you'll exclaim, shocked and bewildered, that because of all the synchronicities of your life, all the missed chances and disappointments, and the many unhappy accidents, your lack and misfortune must have been your destiny.

Erin, do you see what the difference is?

It ain't me,
The Universe


Of course, Erin, the most deceptive of all illusions is very likely space.

You know, that thing between "here" and "there" that would have you see yourself alone, instead of as the bridge between them. That medium between you and the rest of the world that disguises your role in creating it. You know, that veil through which the physical senses must explore your chiseled secrets.

See? Aliens are the least of your worries...

Phone home,
The Universe


It's a rather interesting social experiment...telling people (aka - me) things that - yeah, I already know..but so often either have forgotten, gotten distracted by the millions of other things going on or just avoid trying to think about for one reason or another. Two minutes to read an email and change - even just a little bit. To remember, to try and be better, do better. To remember what life is all about. That I'm in charge of my own life. That it'll all be okay in the end.

AND - they haven't even sold my email address to spammers.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Babies & Blogging

So evidentally babies and blogging don't mix.

Yep. That's right - there is FINALLY a new bebe in the hiz-ouse.

And let me tell you..he's basically the cutest thing that has ever lived.

Like, FAR too cute for words.

And he's already a week old today - WHAT?!

People always say that the time goes SO QUICKLY..but seriously?! A week?! How is that possible?!

Life these days is a crazy mix of trying to do a million things at once all the while giving out kisses and cuddles like they're going out of style...and that's what I'm off to do now...a million things at once...and THEN I'll finally get in some good old fashioned cuddles..woohoo!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's My Age Again?

So yesterday I was all "Let's write a post detailing why I sometimes feel like I'm seven"

Which wasn't actually about why I feel like I'm seven. But more just about why I don't feel like I'm in my mid-twenties and supposedly "grownup"

But then I had to run off to work. Which I suppose IS a grownup thing to do. Except that I only had like..five minutes left to get dressed and brush my I ran and brushed my teeth. And pulled on some pants. I hear wearing pants helps to disguise you as a grownup. And then I walked downstairs and suddenly..


Which is not to be confused with Snap, Crackle, Pop - which would have been AWESOME.

It was definitely Snap! Zap! POP! that left my neck feeling like it decided to just call it quits.

Like, excruciating pain.

Can't turn your head to check your blind spot kind of pain.

Pretty sure it was my bodys way of laughing at me and going "Ha. You may feel immature and like a little kid and like you're way out in left field in those whole LIFE thang...but just so you time you try to pretend that..I will make your body that of an 87 year old. Sucka"

So now I'm sitting here..alternating between heat and ice...and wondering where the heck I left my A535.

...I hear forgetfulness is (yet another) sign of aging.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bebe Watch

Baby Watch 2010 is still in full swing 'round these parts..

Sometimes I look at my cousin and all of the sudden I'm like 'WHOA! DUDE! YOUR GONNA HAVE A BABY! LIKE! SOON!'

Except that I (mostly) try to say that kind of stuff in my head. Because she'd PROBABLY thing I was a little nutso. And since her due date is two days away...she's kinda got that crazy pregnant lady look going on. The look where she might kill the next person who says the wrong thing.

You know the one. The one where she's like "HOW WAS THIS POSSIBLY A GOOD IDEA...THIS NEEDS TO BE OVER. NOW."

To say that she's uncomfortable would be an understatement. To say that I'm scarred for life about the idea of having children...would be the opposite. (an overstatement? hrm.) She's been in pain for two weeks. Like, constant 'I can't sleep pain' and her doctor is all 'yeah, sometimes that happens! I'll offer you an induction a week after your due date if the baby still hasn't come!' Plus, she's been having irregular contractions on a regular (not regular enough) base for weeks. I know it's only going to get worse, more painful, more tiring and more EVERYTHING..but I keep trying to reassure her that eventually the baby will be here and she'll forget all about the crappy stuff (that part has to be true, or how else would ANYONE ever decide to have more than one child?!) and luckily for me...her husband is taking more of the 'stop saying stupid things death glares' then I am. Infact, I don't even think that I've gotten ONE yet. Although I'm sure that'll change before the baby comes.

So we're still waiting over here for the little one. Wondering when he'll come. We all keep saying 'TODAY has GOT to be THE DAY' - alas, we are all proven wrong at the end of everyday. I've started using reverse psychology and telling her belly that I don't really WANT the baby to come, and he should stay in there forever and I'm really busy and don't have time to kiss cute little chubby cheeks ANYWAYS.

It's still not working though..

And I feel myself getting closer and closer to pregnant death stares everyday.

Maybe TODAY will be the day.

At least for the death stares.

..The whole baby thing? can't trick me into thinking that it's going to be today.

If Irony Could...Sleep.

I had the last couple of days off...which is nice...except now I have to work in half an hour..and I'm pooped.

Why you may ask?

Well, it's quite simple. I thought it would be a GENIUS idea to stay up a little later than normal perusing the internet, cable tv and other such wonders..because you see..I could SLEEP IN on my days off.

Cue me waking up before 7am BOTH DAYS.

And of course, not being able to even come close to falling back to sleep. All day. Both days.

And then today? The day that I'm going back to work? I press the snooze button on my alarm clock for an hour, drag myself out of bed at 9am and am contemplating holding my eyelids open with toothpicks.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Of THOSE Days

Today was another one of THOSE days.

The days where you try to wake up but can't drag yourself out of bed. One of those days when you can't find the pants you were going to wear, you run out of time for breakfast and you miss your turn even though you know exactly where you're going.

Days where you feel so out of control and just can't handle one more person letting you down. Where you just want to scream because you're so exhausted and just want something, anything to go right.

Days when someone is rude, then someone else is demanding, yet another is arrogant and the final one is greedy, with a side of selfish.

Days when you're convinced that it couldn't possibly get worse...and suddenly it's POURING rain. Not just raining, but a torrential downpour. And despite your best efforts...the water climbs over your ankles and comes at you from every angle. All while you stand under thin tents shivering and wishing you could just crawl into a ball and end today right here and now.

Days when it finally stops raining...and you somehow manage to stub your toe, pull an muscle and hit your head...all while simply trying to turn around.

Days when you set something down and it ends up all over the place. Days when you think that you've come up with a solution and 17 more problems arise. Days when you get annoyed by the smallest things because you lost the end of your rope weeks ago. And days when the largest problems seem impossible to ever correct. Days when you're reminded of how stupid some people are, and how angry they make you. Days when you wonder and second guess decisions and life and all of it's uncertainties..even though you know it's for the best.

That was today.

And then some.

I'm in dire need of some sleep.

A girls night with some lovies.

And while I'm wishing....might as well take a winning lottery ticket too.

I'll be waiting Universe...anytime you wanna throw me a bone on some of those...that'd be swell.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

Remember when you were a little kid and you played house with your siblings/friends/cousins/random strangers your mom told you to play with and be nice to?

You were so little that you never actually THOUGHT you'd be old enough to own houses, have mortgages, get married and do all of that crazy stuff?

And then suddenly you wake up..

You're almost 25

And your little brother is moving into his first (and let's be honest here, probably only) home.

A real fixer-uper.

But the land? The land is so worth it - a real beauty of a farm...and the and it's 100 year old roof...they gots them some mad potential :)

Happy moving weekend to Jenny & Benny (he'll so beat me if he ever finds out that I called him Benny...) and their dog...Penny (Bawhaha) I can't believe that you're old enough to move into your first home.

Let alone begin to believe how old that makes ME.

PS - My SD card is a hater - photos latah