Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Of THOSE Days

Today was another one of THOSE days.

The days where you try to wake up but can't drag yourself out of bed. One of those days when you can't find the pants you were going to wear, you run out of time for breakfast and you miss your turn even though you know exactly where you're going.

Days where you feel so out of control and just can't handle one more person letting you down. Where you just want to scream because you're so exhausted and just want something, anything to go right.

Days when someone is rude, then someone else is demanding, yet another is arrogant and the final one is greedy, with a side of selfish.

Days when you're convinced that it couldn't possibly get worse...and suddenly it's POURING rain. Not just raining, but a torrential downpour. And despite your best efforts...the water climbs over your ankles and comes at you from every angle. All while you stand under thin tents shivering and wishing you could just crawl into a ball and end today right here and now.

Days when it finally stops raining...and you somehow manage to stub your toe, pull an muscle and hit your head...all while simply trying to turn around.

Days when you set something down and it ends up all over the place. Days when you think that you've come up with a solution and 17 more problems arise. Days when you get annoyed by the smallest things because you lost the end of your rope weeks ago. And days when the largest problems seem impossible to ever correct. Days when you're reminded of how stupid some people are, and how angry they make you. Days when you wonder and second guess decisions and life and all of it's uncertainties..even though you know it's for the best.

That was today.

And then some.

I'm in dire need of some sleep.

A girls night with some lovies.

And while I'm wishing....might as well take a winning lottery ticket too.

I'll be waiting Universe...anytime you wanna throw me a bone on some of those...that'd be swell.

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