Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And I Shall Call You...

I've been...cat sitting..kind of.

While my aunt is back at work in South Africa for a couple months, I'm staying with my cousin to help her with various things..one such thing being to take care of their animals. She doesn't really NEED help, but there are a lot of things on the go and with four dogs, two birds and a cat...on top of a million other things..it's a lot.

Since the cat has always been my aunts, she kind of falls under my domain.

Thing is, she's KINDA CRAZY.

Take for instance the other day...she stayed in my room for a couple hours while we were out and about. She doesn't mix too well with the dogs always..so when we're going out we'll sometimes leave her sleeping in a bedroom or somewhere where they can't bother her and she can't bother them.

We've done this about a KAZILLION times before, and she's really use to it.

THEN we left and evidentally she had a little EPISODE.

Oh, do I ever have photographic evidence of the crazy.

The first thing we saw? Oh yeah...she was mad at that there carpet. Mad as a hatter.

Next? She decided to try and get out not UNDER the door, but by opening it. And scratching the heck out of the door frame.

Evidentally that didn't work out so well for her, so she took out her anger on the door knob. Yep. Scratched that all to bits too.

If you're wondering how she managed to attack the doorknob, because well, it's high and what the heck, she's a CAT - well, then start questioning how she put HOLES in the DRYWALL. All the way up to the window. Which is a good 5-6 feet off the ground.

Don't believe me? Okay - here's the closeup:

Oh yeah she did.

Oh crazy cat - From now on I shall call you...destruct-o-cat. Yep. That's ACTUALLY her new name.

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