Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All You Need Is Love

I am an extremely loved, lucky indivdual.

At a time when I am feeling immense amounts of sadness, when I'm mourning the loss of an amazing man...whose hair was filled with silver and heart was filled with gold...when I'm at odds with certain people who I thought I never would be...at least not like this..There are still huge pillars of support.

People from all walks of life, who I would have never expected to come to the wake of my beloved grandfather.

Aunts, uncles, friends, school teachers, old family friends, neighbours...great aunts that I haven't seen in half a kajillion years.

They showed up en mass, to pay their respects to the quiet man they ran into on our farm, and to give us hugs and tell us they're sorry for our loss, and that they wish there was something they could do.

They can't. But by being there, they did more than I could ever imagine.

I've never thought that funerals and all of that jazz were were very important to me. To me, it's the memories I hold close to my heart. The times we've shared together mean so much more than standing around a room filled with people.

But tonight..I realized a little bit that importance.

The importance of building those communities of people who love you, who will do anything for you, who go to things that are difficult, because that's what people do.

The ones who when they don't know what else to do...send food, food and more food.

Simply because they care.

They wish they could do something to make it better, and they wish that they could take away the pain..but they know they can't...so they do what they can, and they show up, with kleenex and a hug...and perhaps a lasagne or two.

In a time when I'm questioning so much. When I'm sad, frustrated and in absolute disbelief of certain people in my life..this is what I needed. A slap in the face reminder of how loved I am. Of how loved my family is. Of how good people can be.

Perhaps I will sleep tonight, afterall.

Tomorrow is going to be another long day..before real life reminds me that the sap is flowing..and there is maple syrup to be made. Literally.

Real life doesn't slow down for the bumps, curveballs and potholes life throws you...good thing we've got enough food to feed an army. Or three.

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