Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mother Nature Does Drugs?

It's midnight.

It's pitch dark.

I'm wearing a tank top.

And walking outside on the deck.

Is it just me.. ...or is there something SO wrong with that picture.

Not because midnight's not cool..I like it..even if sleep is kinda sweet too.

And not because I don't ENJOY being comfortable walking around in a tanktop outside.'s MARCH.


What's up with that yo?

We've got no snow, temperatures in the double digits and plenty-o-sunshine.

I'm pretty sure that mother nature got her months messed up and switched May with March. There's really no other logical explanation. Seriously. Well, unless you choose to believe that Mother Nature is doing drugs. Then that explains EVERYTHING. But I personally like to believe that mother nature is just a little forgetful. Not a crackhead.

Now that I've said that...we're going to get dumped with a snowstorm and I'll have to trade in my flipflops and cry.

Aw man. I just looked at the weather forcast for next week..and I totally jinxed myself. saying THAT...I double jinxed myself which I can only assume is a double negative which means that I unjinxed myself...but by acknowledging the double negative I just ruled out the double negative so that means that I've yet again jinxed myself...or...have I?


I'm going to bed before my head implodes. Or before I have to rapidly alternate between airconditioning and having a roaring fire going. Whatever comes first.

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