Friday, March 26, 2010

Lesson Learned

I had some errands to do a little while ago. Stuff that needed to be done in the morning - before I could head out to the farm. So instead of my old gross 'I'm working on the farm' clothes..I threw on some half respectable clothing.

Then decided that even though I felt like garbage...going without makeup just wouldn't do. So I quickly did a once over with makeup and made myself look half respectable.

Then I went and dropped off my cousins.

All was good.

I did my first errand - talked to one person, kept all my stuff together and dropped off what I needed to drop off.

Then I went and did some running around...

And then I was off to my second errand...where I dropped some stuff of.

I was so proud of myself. I was holding things together. Keeping busy. I was doing better.

Then I went to my third drop off.

And I was okay, I talked and chit chatted..with a woman I'd never met before

Then came one question, one look..and suddenly...I was not doing better enough, nor was I busy not be wearing waterproof mascara.

Lesson learned.

The hard way.

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