Saturday, March 13, 2010


I've been sick for the last couple of days..

Nothing serious, just a cough, sore throat and a little bit of an ear ache.

Oh. And the sniffles. Gotta love THOSE.

I'm basically walking around like I'm the sniffle monster.

Which means that just about every where I go, I sniffle.

Not so surprising when you have a cold...but it's still kinda gross, and I hate being sick...

Just the feeling of being blah is so gross...but I didn't realize quite how gross it was icky the sniffling was...

That is, until my cousins parrot started IMITATATING my sniffles.

Holy disgusting man.

Now, every time I walked into the room..the bird starts sniffling as though it can't breathe through its nose...and it sounds like gross. And a half. Making long disgusting (definitely exaggerated) sniffling noises.

I need to get better, quick.

Because seriously..if this is what I sound like...I'm pretty sure I disgust myself beyond belief. Ew.

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