Saturday, March 27, 2010

Math Vs. Shopping

I hate math. I really do. I'm not even kidding a little bit.

In highschool I dropped all math classes once they weren't compulsorary anymore - but my guidance counsellor decided that was probably a bad decision - and signed me up for one without me knowing it...thus why I have a grade 12 math credit. Turns out he wasn't such an idiot, because I ended up taking far too many statistics classes in university thanks to one half of my double major, stupid psychology.

Despite taking math for oh, five years longer than I ever wanted to - I still hate it.

Even though I really truly hate it with oh so much passion...I still find myself using it..way too much. Standing in stores, particularily grocery stores, and spending way too much time looking at prices of food and breaking it down to the unit price and finding the best possible deal. Which - GASP - isn't always the biggest size.

I don't know where this compulsion stems from...but I just do it without even thinking.

I guess part of it is because it seems silly to buy in bulk when it's not even close to being worth it...and when so many big box stores and discount stores and yelling from the roof top to come and check out their "deals" when in actuality - they're kinda ripping you off.....or selling you crap that you just don't need.

So this results in me spending WAY too much time saving 13 cents on a bag of carrots.

Or 7 cents on a can of tomatoes.

Or TWENTY SIX CENTS (!!) on a loaf of bread.

Which makes me think that I'm AWESOME - Because HELLO! I just saved FORTY-SIX CENTS! WOOT! GO ME!

Except then then I remember what you can get for 46 cents these days...and when you realize that you can't even make a phonecall at a payphone for that gets kinda depressing. Especially when you just spent half an hour lurking around a store looking for 'deals' to still be 4 cents short to make a phonecall at some germ infested payphone.

And then you remember that you SAVED the 46 cents and you consider it a complete victory.

Until you realize that the day previously you spent about 46 gazillion times MORE than you just saved on clothes, shoes and accessories and didn't compare prices once.

And - the kicker - when getting dressed - still manage to hate all of the clothes in your closets. Despite having enough for two houses. Whoops.

Okay - so maybe I just hate math when it means that I don't get new pretty shoes.

Yeah, that MIGHT be the problem.

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