Saturday, March 20, 2010

Little Miss Popular

Sometimes it's hard to be me.

You know, because I'm so freakin' awesome.

Take for instance this morning...I walk into a garage on my way to the buy a newspaper.

Nothing too out of the ordinary.

I grab a paper, get out my toonie and put it up on the counter to pay.

The girl looks at me. Then she looks at the newspapers behind me. Then she looks at me again.

Then she's like..uhh...aren't you going to buy the newspaper that you're in?

Seriously - I just can't go ANYWHERE without being recognized anymore.

That, and now I felt kinda obligated to buy the paper I was on the front page of. She had pointed it out..and it seemed kind of rude to be like...pssh...I'm too important to look at myself in the newspaper. ;) Or, you know, admit that I had no idea it was there..ha.

But seriously..between the tv and the papers and everything else...I'm just WAY too popular for my own good.

Or you know, live in WAY too small of a town.

But it's probably the popular thing. Just wait until the newest commercial hits the air this spring - I'm probably gonna need a bodyguard.

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