Friday, March 5, 2010

Today's Rainbow

After a week of sleeping horrendously. Of being on edge...of getting those dreaded five o'clock in the morning phone calls that say 'come now, we don't know what's happening'...I finally got an early morning phonecall that made me smile.

One of my best friends EVER, my roommate for years and YEARS was calling to tell me some good news, some happy news.

Some RING news.

Yep. She gone done and did it...and got herself engaged. Or rather..he did it. Picked out a pretty ring...and a puppy ;)

And let me say - he did a good job.

Another engagement, another wedding to schedule into the books...holy crap we're growing up.

I'm so excited for her..I stopped by her place on my way home from work (before she was heading OFF to work..) and got to see the new bling and chit chat for a few minutes. She was so excited and so happy..that I couldn't help but smile and be happy and excited for her.

Amid clouds of saddness there is always a rainbow. This was my rainbow today..

All the best Matt & Rhi! xoxo

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