Sunday, April 4, 2010

A to the We to the Some.

Let's not beat around the bush.

I have many awesome qualities.

I mean..common..I'm ME...How much more awesome can you get?

(You can stop laughing now)

(Okay...really, stop)

(No need to stop)

('re kinda bruising my ego now...)

But SERIOUSLY folks.

I'm just filled with bunches-o-awesome.

Take today for example.

We're nursing a sick goat back to health (yeah, it's what I do...erm?) and I was trying to feed her some apple. And I was like...WHA-BAM with my mighty powers of awesome and ripped that thing in half. And then in quarters. WITH MY BARE HANDS.

See? I told you. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

I mean..between ability to pick up things with my toes (Ha. I just made my friend Carly puke a little in her mouth...I'm SURE of it.)and my ability to remember random useless much more awesome can you want in a person? Much more and I'm sure it would be an awesome overload.

Okay. This post is done. Filled with way too much laughter regarding my levels of awesome...Pssh.

1 comment:

  1. That IS awesome! ha!

    So in reference to your comment:
    "As a random sidenote..after reading that this is your 99th post...I was like...I wonder how many posts I've made in this blog since I've started I went to go and look at my 'published' posts...and MY next one is my 100th TOO. How crazy is that?! We must be long distance twins or something :P: