Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crazy Going Slowly Am I...

As I was lying on the couch in an extreme bout of lazy...I smelt..burning.



So of course I freaked out.


I glanced around - nothing.

I looked at the fireplace - not on.

I looked everywhere.

I checked the stove.

The furnace.

Even the BATHROOMS for some sort of source of fire.

Thing is though - it didn't smell like smoke anymore.

So I went back to being lazy and lying on the couch...

And then..as soon as I sat down...I smelt burning again.

What the heck?!

I got up...and I didn't smell it.

I sat down...and I smelt it.

Up - yep.

Down - nope.

Fearing my sanity...I turned to my cousin..and with all seriousness was like...why do I smell burning only when I sit down?? What's WRONG with me?

Thinking a brain tumor or some other weirdo neurological disease (Yes, I have been watching to much Grey's Anatomy)...my mind only stopped racing when my cousin looked around, laughed and then pointed out the treat that one of the dogs was chewing while lying on the couch beside me. A treat that just so happened to have a weird, bizarro smokey flavour - and made everything within its reach smell like...burning.

Diagnosis? Not crazy.

At least not in this particular situation :)

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