Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some News

Last week I talked vaguely about the life and times of rumours in a small town...

And well, dear internets...I have some news.

I start classes this week.

What classes you may ask?

Classes of the prenatal variety.

Which means that unless you've been hiding under a rock - you can PROBABLY guess what that means.





If you guessed that my cousins sister is a big wig at Harvard, her mom is watching the world cup in South Africa and her husband is advancing his future by finishing his post grad in another city - and I'm left to be my pregnant cousins prenatal class partner - then you're DEFINITELY right on the money.

If you thought that I was pregnant and that's what the rumours are about - then I can only assume that you have indeed been hiding under a rock and tell you without a doubt in my mind that you were WRONG. Sucka.

Had you worried for a second there - didn't I?

You may now go back to trying to resume your breathing at a natural pace, telling your heart to quit racing and calm down with the knowledge that I'm not procreating...yet.

Although I'm sure that after these classes - the chances of me EVER wanting to have my own children will be drastically diminished.

I hear that the only reason they get people to take the classes ANYWAYS is 'cause they're already knocked up ;)


  1. That is crazy! I am sorry rumors started about you. Congrats to your cousin!

  2. Hahahah - I should have clarified - the rumours weren't about that at all...LOL! They were about something else that's completely unrelated...I just like to blog form :)