Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Rumour Mill

I live in a small town. It's actually smaller than small, but either way..it's tinsey-tiny. There's not a lot to do here. Most people tend to venture into nearby (relatively) larger towns and cities for any sort of entertainment or attraction. Unless you're looking for chinese food (we've got the best - go figure) or you're here in the middle of the summer. Then we're hot stuff. But regularily? When it's not cottage season? Yeah, people are not so excited to be in these parts.

Especially if you're a local and haven't got one of those there fancy bajillion dollar cottages.

That being said - there isn't a lot to do here. We have three restaurants that are seasonally opened, a hardware store, a grocery store and a liquor store. Oh - and we have two convience stores - each that rent out movies. I know, stop the excitment - it's almost too much.

So people get bored. And when people get bored..they talk. And when they talk..rumours fly. And when rumours fly...well...there's usually at least a hint of truth in them.

That being said - I never really realized just HOW fast they fly. When you're in your own little bubble and think that you know what's going on in your life and are keeping it pretty personal - and suddenly EVERYONE KNOWS.

And I mean EVERYONE.

Everywhere I go, I'm asked if it's true.

And oh man - Do I enjoy messing with peoples minds. It's pretty amusing to watch them drooling to be like...CAN YOU CONFIRM THIS RUMOUR!? TELL US THE DETAILS! And then sit and give them little scraps and bits of vague details until they're practically drooling and begging you to just let them know.

I'm a sucker for torture. In the gossip mill sense at least.

When I head off to a farmers market or am doing an errand in town I'm asked. When I got my hair done, when I was talking to some media reps...they're all curious and digging for dirt. Even strangers have taken to asking me what's happening and I'm like...HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS RANDOM INFORMATION ABOUT ME WHEN I HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE?! Suddenly when an old relative on my mom's side who lives on the other side of the country (literally) starts inquiring as to whether or not the rumours are true - it's just too funny. How do these rumours spread SO far and SO fast!?

Ah the life of a small town celebrity is so taxing - so many people who want the gossip - so little time.

Bawhaha. Yeah, right.

Small towns amuse me. Especially their gossip mills.

Now if only I could harness this wildfire gossip mill for advertising purposes...I'd be set.

And a bajillionaire.

Okay - back to work on THAT now.

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