Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Last weekend I stopped by the hardware store to buy some fireworks for the first long weekend of the season that had been upon us.

As I was perusing the fireworks another display up near the front cash registers caught my eye. As I made my way over to that section - one of the cashiers, a young girl with dark brown hair stopped me in my tracks.

With an 'OH! MY! GOD!

To which I of course responded "Yes?".

But then she started gushing. And talking. And asking me personal questions about my family. While using their names. And then she used MY name.

And then I got freaked the hell out - who WAS this girl? What did she want from me and WHY THE HECK DID SHE KNOW SO MUCH INFORMATION ABOUT MY LIFE?

After making small talk which didn't pertain to anything in particular (staying away from the details helps when you have no idea who you're talking to, yet they still know you) she had to deal with another customer so I slipped off back to the previous fireworks display.

My cousins husband started questioning who the girl was and how I knew her - and quite literally the only answer I could give him was that I had NO idea what-so-ever.

As I came up to the cash registers to pay, I was like..Oh jeeze..please don't let her be my cashi-Aw, crap. Too late.

She started talking again - asking about my time in europe and then started talking about herself.

I was like...oh no...danger zone..danger zone...I don't know what she's talking about...and then while I was trying to figure out how to get out of there without her realizing I had NO idea who she was she was like 'yeah, did you know that Spencer had a baby!?' and I was like 'No - I had no idea' and she started talking about how CUTE the baby was and how she was so sweet and blah blah blah - And I'm all - I don't KNOW any Spencers - I vaguely know one who is a few years younger than me, but why the heck would I care if he had a baby - and he couldn't have had a baby because I defintely know his ex-girlfriend and she DEFINITELY didn't have a baby - let alone have a baby 18 months ago.

So I rack my brain and by this point she's telling me something about her parents - and in my head I'm all..dude..why would I know your parents?

And then suddenly it hits me.

Yeah - the fact that I love self absorbed teens that talk about themselves...because I just put the pieces together.

It's Christine, who has a sister named Julia and a brother named ...DING DING DING!....Spencer!

All of whom I use to babysit....

Suddenly it all fell into place.

I still see their parents around and about on a regular basis - but haven't seen the kids in YEARS....so between the fact that they've grown up - and the fact that she now has black hair instead of blonde - it kinda makes sense that I didn't recognize her.

But it kinda means that I'm officially REAL old - 'cause the kids that I BABYSAT are now having kids.

I hear that memory loss happens as you get older..but sheesh.

Crap. Please excuse me while I go get my de-wrinkler-cream....I totally forgot about it.

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