Monday, May 17, 2010


I hate mornings. I really do. They're disgusting, and gross and stupid.

Well - at least they are when I don't get enough sleep. Like last night.

Why couldn't I get enough sleep?

Oh you know, I was in bed at a decent (ish) hour. Enough to get me my 8 hours of sleep.

Then as I was drifting off to sleep my body realized that my leg had poked out of the covers. My subconscioius weirdo who freaks out if my legs and feet are not covered by blankets when attempting to sleep jerked me awake and I started the 'falling asleep' process all over again.

Cue me evidentally being restless and this entire scenario happening about 27 million more times.

Then when my alarm went off at 7 so that I could be up at get a start to my day...I totally just pressed snooze until the alarm clock was like 'you obviously don't wanna get up right now, I'm just gonna shut myself off for everyones sake'

Cue me waking up not so long again.

Great start to the day Erin. Great start.

Oh weirdo tendencies that prevent sweet slumber...why must you plauge me so?

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