Friday, May 14, 2010

Artistic Differences

When I was a child my brother and I sometimes grumbled and complained when we were in the car with my mom. It wasn't the car, a long day or the fact that we hadn't snack that was the issue though. No, the issue was the radio station. Which I get is a common problem with kids. Last year when I was in the car with three kids...I learned how much of an issue it can be. This person doesn't like this song, but it's that persons favourite, but this person NEEDS to listen to their song on a cd and IT CANNOT WAIT OR ELSE THE WORLD WILL END.

Oh how I learned.

But my brother and I didn't fight with each other much about the radio. We were too busy fighting over other things. I joke. Okay, I don't...but we didn't usually fight too much over the radio. This was for a couple of different reasons...but probably because we lived in the boonies and only had reception for like, three radio stations.

There was one station for Country, one for Rock & Roll and the CBC.

In my mom's car though, 99% of the time, it was CBC time. Which meant that my childhood memories of car rides are filled with A LOT of talk radio. And a lot of fighting about talk radio. Because it's booooring. And stoooooopid. And BOOOOOOOOORING.

This usually either resulted in my mother turning up the radio to tune out our whining or turning off the radio so that NO ONE got to listen to ANYTHING.

Her favourite argument though? The infamous "you can listen to what you want when YOU'RE the driver".

Oh and how I memorized that statement and burned it into my brain when it came for me to have my learning permit. The minute she reached for the dial it was "I'M THE DRIVER AND I GET TO CHOOSE WHAT WE LISTEN TO." Which was quickly ammended to "you get to choose WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR OWN CAR".

I didn't drive much before I could drive on my own.

Artistic differences. Literally.

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