Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's in a keyword..

So a while ago I signed up for google analytics. It was new, it was hip, it I guess? It's interesting to see who comes to visit your blog and from where...but I don't entirely understand the results all of the I don't spend too much time bumming around on it. Infact, I hadn't been on it in as long as I could when I quite literally stumbled across it I was like...ooh! Let's go look and see.

Found out a few things - Like I have more random secret readers than I thought. Yeah - I know about you! The secret is out! Liklihood is that I probably secretly creep you too - so I know what it's all about.

But I also discovered this little thing about 'keywords' - which I guess is what people type into google and then come across your blog via.

And I laughed.

Because I had some pretty fun keywords.

Ones that I was the heck is this even REMOTELY related to ANTYHING that I've EVER written?

So I went back and looked at the entire history of google keywords and these are a few that I found:

whatthehellarewedoingtoday - Dude - I have no idea what you're doing today! Sorry! And yeah. All one word.

"the nanny diaries" - Man - If I had any writing capabilities I'd SO pitch 'The Nanny Diaries Two - I'm totally sure I could do it..right?

what things bump in the night that are canadian - Sorry man..I dunno either - I hear beavers have pretty good eyesight - so I'm just about as stummped as you..

l'arrivé du 1$ au canada - which basically means 'arrive in canada with one dollar' - and if that's true - I'm sorry you just spent that dollah at an internet cafe looking at my blog - whatcha gonna do now?! I don't know who you talked to before you came..but contrary to popular belief..things are expensive here and reading my blog is not going to make you rich. I know, bummer.

But my FAVOURITE - BY FAR? The one that happened YESTERDAY?

Someone came to my blog looking for 'sterilized cheese'.

how. awesome. is. that.

I have no idea what the heck anything I've ever written has to do with sterilized cheese - but I'm so happy that it in some way does..because that's just buckets of awesome and hilarity.

So to the person in Iran looking for sterilized cheese - I'm sorry I couldn't be more of a help - I hope all of your grandest dairy dreams and wishes come true someday!

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