Thursday, May 13, 2010

Take That, Murphy

Last Thursday was the first day that I went to a new farmers market in the area.

It was cold.

It was windy.

It was darn cold and darn windy.

I had about 17 layers on. And a skirt.

Luckily, I threw on leggings right before I ran out the door.

That's not really pertinant to this story, but whatever.

The fact that it was windy and cold and cloudy and gross however, that IS pertinant to this particular story.

SO. I was all setting up my booth at the farmers market. My tents, tables and goods that I was biggie...same sort of thing I've done a couple of times a week since I was a wee lass.

But this was a new market. And Murphy showed up.

You know, Murphy...the sneaky little jerk that comes around when you least expect him to. When you want to see anyones face but his ugly old one.

The one who likes to play a little game called 'would you rather'.

Thursdays game surrounded the question: 'Would you rather have the wind rip through your tents like a maniac or be rained upon?!?!' And instead of just ASKING the question like a normal person...he decided to play chicken with me.

I know, I told you he has a jerk.

So here we were...brand new opening of the market...where Murphy was hoping we'd be like...holy cow it's mighty windy...setting up your tents is dangerous - don't do it!

And most people fell for it - and didn't set up their tents.

I however, being of a particular brand of genius that's just well, plain old awesome...saw through him. And right up to the black clouds that loomed overhead.

So I held my ground...and was one of the few to try to put up my tent. And one of the even fewer who kept their tent up.

Infact, by the time the market was half done...I was the only one stupid crazy awesome enough to still have my tent up.

Becuase you see, I've heard of this Murhpy fella before. Him and his "laws". I knew that if we all took down our tents, it would pour down rain all over me. And all of the new labels I'd put on jams and maple syrup.

Not so cool Murphy. Not so cool at all.

So I held my ground, and despite the whipping wind...I didn't cave.

I added more ropes and tightened them with all of my might and hoped that I, along with my tents, stayed put...because I knew that trickster Murphy - and I knew that if I succombed to taking down my tent...he'd be like...HA! SUCKA! and make those big black threatening clouds rain down on me. And my labels. No one likes rain on labels - so I stuck my tongue out at Murphy and hopped that I didn't follow in Dorthy's footsteps and blow off to Kansas.

You'll be happy to learn that thanks to me holding my didn't rain. On me, or anyone. I took one for the team (who were all exposed to the elements) and hid under my desperately wanting to fly away but not quite able to fly away canopy.

Erin: 1, Murphy: 0

But it's Thursday again..and if I know Murphy like I think I do...he's bound to be mad as a hatter that he didn't get me last week. ..and you can bet he'll be up to his old tricks again this week...

What particular trick that IS...I'm not sure. But I'm sure by the end of tonight I'll have a better idea....and we'll see where the score lies after round two.

Bring it on Murphy...I'm not scared of you.

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