Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life Is Good

This weekend was a long weekend in the 'great white north' celebrate a queen who died a LONG ASS TIME AGO in a country that isn't our own.

We're cool like that - don't judge.

I don't usually do anything for this long weekend - and spent the week thinking I wouldn't really do anything and wondering if tentative plans with some friends might work out or Thursday night at like, midnight we were trying to rush and figure out and finalize what we were doing for the weekend, if anything.

Thus, our plan went a little like this:

Erin: "Whatcha wanna do this weekend?"
Carly: "Absolutely nothing"
Erin: "Wanna do it at the cottage on the dock?"
Carly: "YEP!"

So we went. We ate WAY too much food (95% of my pics from the last two days would make you go NOM NOM NOM and then drool.) and played games, we talked until I basically lost my voice (I now sound like a pubesent boy...for realz.) and sat on the end of the dock reading trashy magazines that I haven't read for so long.

It was just the two of us and we laughed, shared stories and chit chatted until what felt like forever. It was relaxing - we did virtually nothing except chill on the dock, go for walks and sit on the deck.

It was exactly what I needed and I'm SO glad she made the trek the three hours to my cottage to visit! It always amazes me how much we have in common, how we can talk about nothing and EVERYTHING and NEVER run out of things to talk it's never awkward or weird and we can just swap stories about things that have been happening in our lives like we do it on a daily basis...we can talk about travelling on our european adventures. (which so few people really GET) We can talk about our families and our lives and the things that are going on in them, and we can talk about politics and world events and things "that we've read...somewhere".

It was exactly what I needed - A weekend to do..nothing...with one of my favourite girls EVER. Even though we didn't REALLY take advantage of the long weekend and she headed back today instead of us staying another night it was just...perfect.

We chit chatted in the living room with a fantastic view

We ate icecream

We took cute pictures - to prove that we were both there ;)

We chilled in the beauty of the cottage on the dock!

AND - We played with fire!

It was a perfect weekend.

But even more perfect? We're having dinner with the fam tonight - With nothing less than surf & turf, laughter, carrot cake AND fireworks - the perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Life is good folks - life is good.

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