Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Swiss Love

Sometimes things are so the same, and it's just so awesome.

Of course - this isn't always the case - and even if sometimes things APPEAR to be the same...they aren't...that's just a fact of life.

But a couple of weeks ago (when the blogging fail BEGAN) my friend flew down from northern Ontario to spend a few days here before she jetted off to Cuba. A friend from the lovely land of Swiss who I spent countless days having adventures, making good food with and complaining to about the horrid slave I had become.

She spent a few days hanging out with her brother in a city not TOO far from here, and then made her way to Toronto before she grabbed another one of our 'Swiss' girls and made their way here to my humble abode.

And as they called me for directions as they drove hopelessly lost through my city I couldn't help but smile. It was typical. The laughter was infectious - I was excited.

I stood on the front stoop waiting for them - and when they finally arrived we rejoiced on the driveway, we laughed and we all were talking way too fast about everything and anything inbetween.

We made our way into the house where we ate too much food. Laughed too hard and caught up on all of the adventures we've been respectively having in our lives since we parted ways in Zurich months ago.

We reminissed, we talked about the future and we clinked our glasses with such familiarity that it was as if we'd never been apart.

It had been months (almost a YEAR) since the three of us had been together...and it was hard to believe that it had been that long..because it was just one of those things that automatically fell back into place.

The house was a little different, the food was a little different and the surroundings were a little different - but us? The self proclaimed 'non sexual, heterosexual polygamist love triangle' - we fell right back where we left off. It was as if the last 9 months hadn't happened. As if we were back sitting on the edge of lake Zurich, meeting in the hauptbanhof for a night of freedom, or watching Marissa roll around on the floor because she'd eaten too much and didn't know how to stop and was now writhing in excruiating pain while eyeing the chocolate fondu sitting on the kitchen table.

It was so familiar. It was so lovely...and at a point...we all just...stopped. Looked at each other...and were like..this is weird. In a GOOD way. But still just...weird. How is it possible that things just slip back to where they left off? That we all still had so much to talk about? That we all loved each other just as much as we did a year and a continent ago? It was so nice to just surround myself in the warmth of people who I love, who understood what I was thinking before I said it...who love me unconditionally and laugh at my stupidity at me with me.

Now all I need is for someone to fly my (preggers!!!) Aussie to me, a couple of gals to the east and perhaps a Kiwi or two and I'm set. For REAL.

Oh the triangle - LOVE!

I love Jenn for many reasons - but probably the best one is the fact that she would play tradsies with me for gelato in Prague. Yeah we did. Mango and chocolate? BEST COMBO EVAH.


Some of my faaaaaavourite Swiss girls - I couldn't have survived without them - and miss them so!

Europe withdrawal symptoms suck. And they never seem to go away...but the longings for those friends? Those friendships? Killer dude. Killer.

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