Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sometimes the most random things remind me of Switzerland, of Europe, of a year abroad full of amazing adventures...and I get a little bit...Swisssick

Whenever I see a Swiss athlete competing...I wonder where they're from and imagine them sking through the alps - and remember exploring St. Moritz and Arosa and all of those other beautiful towns tucked up in the mountains. Like the time that my friend Jenn and I roadtripped to this little town in the middle of NOWHERE called Soglio - and it was one of the best things I EVER DID.

Or my cousin makes french onion soup - and tops it with Gryere cheese - and suddenly I can TASTE Switzerland. My mouth is infused with the flavours of fondu in the mountains and raclette after skating. I'm suddenly transported to a different time in a such a completely different world. A world of thousand dollar meals, where everyone has at least a few houses and a porsche in the driveway...but still..the things I miss?

I miss the cheese.

Okay - and maybe the views.

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