Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ridiculous Roommates

I have a new roommate.

She's okay I guess...

Thing is though...she always wants to be around me and she's a little clingy at times.

She follows me around - and complains bitterly when I don't inlude her in everything. single. thing. that I'm currently doing.

She thinks that she's so great - always strutting around, acting like she's the king of the castle.

And the food that she eats - uuugggh. Gross. It smells like ew.

She hates her bed, and tries to crawl into my bed with me all of the time - can we say weird?

And the kicker? If I don't get up right when my alarm goes off? She starts punching me. IN THE FACE.

Oh. And I caught her licking my hair while I slept the other night.

Yeah, she's more than a little bit weird.

Good thing she's cute.

Guess I'll keep her ;)


  1. HAhah! I was thinking "What if her roomie finds her blog?!?!"

    Well played...and super cute!

  2. @ Amanda - hahah - Glad I could trick you for a moment or two :P