Monday, February 8, 2010

Life Wrinkles

Sometimes I get busy, and I try do a million things at once.

I feel like sooner or later this always happens and I get so wrapped up in things that I don't know where to go or what to do. I sometimes get so caught up in the moment that I forget to actually enjoy that moment. I forget to soak in the good moments and the happy times and end up spending too much time worrying about little things that don't really matter. The little wrinkles in life that get in the way but that in the grand scheme of things, make no difference one way or another. Whether you iron them out or not, it doesn't matter - it's how you kept going regardless of them that means something.

Really, when you THINK about ironing...there are SO MANY OTHER things that you can do to fill in that time.

I could call someone I haven't talked to and wanted to catch up with. I could read a good book. I could take a walk. I could eat a dozen lollipops. Watch the stars. Sing at the top of my lungs. Laugh at ridiculous inside jokes. Eat some chocolate. Cuddle kittens. Bake a pie. Dance like a fool in the middle of the street. Point is? I could do a lot more interesting and exciting things instead of ironing.

Now, there are times when it's necessary - I get it. There are things that need to be ironed...suits worn by boys, fancy whatever that crinkle like mad, your jeans that you pulled out of the dryer and left crumpled in a ball in the corner for three weeks. Not that I've ever had to iron something because of that or something. Erm - moving on.

So yeah.

I guess because I spent the entire year last year "ironing" millionaires underwear - wasting hours of my life..that I realized how many more exciting, fun and more IMPORTANT things there are to life.

I've realized lately and just how much I need to stop trying to do all of this ironing in my life.

I figure that since I've avoided the real thing for the last twenty-four years....I should probably avoid the pointless ironing in my life of a more symbolic nature too. If I learned nothing last's that. Sure, there are some wrinkles that need to go, sure there are things that need to be smoothed over, fixed and dealt with...I still need to do that ironing that NEEDS to be done...I need to work on the big things and make them smooth...but the little things? Ironing the underwear? I need to forget about it. I need to move on and do more important things in my life. I need to stop worrying about the little things, the minor details, the things that don't matter - that won't make any difference in however many years whether they're smoothed over, perfect or NOT.

In the words of Paul..I need to whisper words of wisdom and let it be.

Because there are lollipops to lick, streets to dance in and kittens to cuddle.

The ironing can wait :)


  1. I think about these things all the time...I would rather eat a dozen lollies than iron any day too!

  2. Um...I love ironing.

    I iron EVERYTHING.

    T-shirts, jeans, my comforter...everything.

  3. @ Michelle - oh me too...haha!

    @ Amanda - you would love being a nanny then...LOL! so much ironing of small childrens clothes while the sun was shining and european cities to be explored...haha! :P

  4. ironing is when i think about what else i have to do. ha. it's like being in the shower, but not quite as necessary. i dunno.

  5. @ thebigshowatud - haha, i guess everyone does it/likes it for different reasons...i do my best thinking while driving...ironing just seems to makes me irrationally angry..which is not so good for the thinking process.. :P