Friday, February 12, 2010

'O Canada

There is just something that brings about a huge amount of national pride..when your country hosts the olympic games.

I've never been terribly atheletic. I'm not big into sports or sporting events.

But I LOVE my country.

I think that it's the greatest place on the face of the earth.

And even though I live NOWHERE near Vancouver..Even though I could fly to Vancouver, Mexico or the UK in almost the same amount of is still MY country...and I am SO excited to be watching these games on my turf. The country is a huge, wide enourmous expanse filled with a variety of amazing people and I will be sitting watching, cheering and filled with national pride...while I wear my red mittens.

Oh yeah I will.

My fabulous cousins when we were at the Olympic Torch Relay where we live :) That's the Olympic torch beyhind them!!!!

VANCOUVER 2010!!!!!!!

Maple leafs forever!!

Go Canada Go!!

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