Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ghetto Superphone

I have a confession to make.

I'm up to date with certain technology...but my cellphone? Not so much.

It's rather oldschool. Well, not Richard Gere in Pretty Woman oldschool cellphone way...but about one step up from there.

It's so old infact, that they don't make anything even similar anymore. It's (relatively) clunky, it has no huge keyboard to type and I don't even think that you can download ringtones on it.

And I love it. So much.

It's not a blackberry, or an iphone. It doesn't get emails or pictures. It can't organize my day or tell me how to get anywhere.

But it has reception in an emergency if I need it.

I know how to use it and never have to think too much to find what I need to find or do what I need to do, which - to be honest - isn't much.

It doesn't cost me huge sums of money to have - but it has also never let me down thus far.

AND I can drop it twenty times in a day and it still works.

I don't know why I never jumped on the cell phone bandwagon. Why everyone I see has a new flashy cellphone and I couldn't care less. My cell phone provider on the other hand...can't get it through their heads why I don't want something new and fancy and flashy. They continue to send me notice after notice about how I should REALLY consider getting some new fancy thing - that would probably break to pieces the first time I dropped it, let alone the 28374th time I dropped it.

My old clunky silver flip phone is fine with me, for what I need - maybe I'll jump on the cellphone bandwagon next decade. Or you know, just stick with my ghetto superphone that kicks every other cellphone out theres sorry behind. Sounds like a plan to me :P

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