Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pickle Problems

The other day I had a slight freak-out.

In hindsight, it was...nothing. In the grand scheme of is nothing.

But, at the seemed like the worlds biggest problem that has ever existed in the history of problems throughout the world.

What was my problem you may ask?

I couldn't get the pickle jar open. Yeah, I know, D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.

I tried tapping the lid on the counter, running it under hot water, cold water, using all of my mighty strength, and using towels and jar opening devices to attempt to open it.

Despite all of my attempts...I couldn't.

It just wouldn't BUDGE.

And it was so annoying. So annoying that I spent hours dreaming about pickles and how much I love them and how I just wanted the stupid jar to be open. I think that my desire for a pickle got WORSE just because I couldn't have one.

You know when you get a craving for something...and nothing else will do? That's what happened..and all I wanted was a stupid pickle...and could I open the jar? Of course not.

Frustration mounted...until brother came in the house and I begged him to open said particularily tricky pickle jar...not even caring when he himself (basically the strongest person I KNOW) struggled and then finally opened it, spilling pickle juice all over him.

My selfish self didn't care....because as he wiped pickle juice off of himself and the dog eagerly did his part to help clean craving was more than satisfied and I was SO happy to have had a pickle. I was basically the happiest person on the face of the earth.

When I realized...just how silly I am. Did I seriously just spend so much time agonizing over PICKLES?! Especially when it's a food that really..I shouldn't even like.

I mean...I DESPISE cucumbers.

I REALLY hate them. More than most foods in the entire world.

Like, REALLY REALLY hate them.

I can taste if they've been removed from a sandwich. I can smell them from another room. If I injest a small bite of one..I get a horrific headache. Basically, I think that they're one of the most foul, disgusting foods on the face of the earth..and don't understand how anyone could ever eat them. Let alone eat them because they ENJOY them. Eck.

But pickles on the other hand? I WILL fight you for a pickle.

Okay..maybe not fight.

But I may stick out my bottom lip, put on my best puppy dog eyes and look longingly at the pickle in question until you slowly back away from it.

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