Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where Are You Christmas?

For some reason...I just can't get myself into the Christmas season this year.

For the longest time...I blamed it on the weather. Eight, nine, TEN degrees in DECEMBER?! REALLY?! And NO snow. What's up with THAT. That's not Christmas. Not at all.

Then, I guess mother nature started getting sick of me complaining and blaming it all on HER...because she went and dumped a pile of that lovely white stuff all over the place.

And word on the street is that she's dumping a big pile more all over the place tomorrow. And mixing it with some rain. And varying temperatures. On the one day that I absolutely HAVE to go into town.

Yeah, thanks for that one lady. Think you're so funny don't you.

Oh what a sense of humor she has. Right when I'm convinced that it'll never feel like Christmas because everything is still green...she goes and tries to prove a point. Now, it might be just me...but even after all this snow and having her play her little mind games with me...I still don't get her twisted sense of humor. Or the Christmas vibe.

So...I guess it isn't just the previous lack of snow.

Guess I can cross mother nature and her oh so HILARIOUS humor off my list of people and things to blame.

Next step...back to the drawing boards to play the blame game again.

I will find the source of my lack of Christmas-y-ness and somehow get it back.

Even if I have to eat all of the candycanes and sugar cookies I come across to do it...that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

1 comment:

  1. I don't feel it either...even having Nicholas get so excited about it isn't making me feel the spirit...

    My solution...me + you + several bottles of wine

    Why is that the solution you ask?

    Cause then we will get drunk and sing Christmas Carols!