Saturday, December 26, 2009

'Scuse Me?

The other day I was frantically running around town not at all attempting to start and finish my christmas shopping in one day doing some last minute christmas shopping.

I was at a loss...I didn't know what to get for anyone. As I get older, the more I realize that we all have way too much junk and that finding things that people want, need and don't already a little bit of a challenge.

That being said...I still wanted to get my family some decent gifts for christmas.

While I perused random stores, surrounded by other morons who'd all left their shopping 'till the last minute too masses of other frazzled consumers I found myself in a dizzying haze of large conglomerations. Do I get this, or that or what could I possibly get for this person or that person.

Suddenly I wondered if perhaps I could pick up a season of a show that I know my Dad loved. Being the complete and total Daddys girl that I am, my little girl self would convince him to let me stay up late and watch it with him...always falling asleep halfway through, because it was way past my bedtime and I was doing my favourite thing; cuddling with my daddio.

So, I thought...what a fun thing I could get him. I looked at one store. Sold out. Another...sold out. Another...none.

I walked into a fourth store with little hope in my heart and already trying to think of other possible gifts he might enjoy.

I walked into the 'tv series' sections and glanced around. Nothing. Of course.

But I thought that I'd ask know...just in case that leaving my shopping until the last second hadn't TOTALLY screwed me over. .

After a few minutes of searching, I found a couple of youngins who (thanks to the nice coloured coded vest) appeared to be employees at the store. After finally gaining their attention away from each other and their oh so 'deep' conversation and directed towards the slightly irritated, slight frustrated consumer with money to burn standing infront of them I finally got a chance to speak with someone.

So, I asked if by chance they had any of the series or box sets in stock.

The boy looked at me with slight confusion, repeated the name of the series with a questioning in his voice, SCRATCHED HIS HEAD and was like..uhh...we might have it. I think that I've heard of it before....before he took off to go and check the shelf that I'd already carefully examined while I stood there with a gaping mouth wondering if I'd heard him correctly.

He THINKS that he'd heard of it before? Okay. I know that it's not a recent show. I know that it's even TECHNICALLY before MY time. And by the time I rolled was already in syndication.


Completely and totally epic series that spanned through the 70's and 80's and and STILL PLAYS RERUNS on various stations on a regular basis. Had over 100 million viewers watch the series finale...and this kid thinks he 'may have' heard of it?!

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

I mean..who hasn't definitely been able to say with SOME certainty that they've at least HEARD of M*A*S*H.

I must be getting old...

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