Friday, November 20, 2009

Rule Rebellion

Sometimes, I really hate rules.

Okay, that's a lie.

I like rules. I like them when they make sense. When they're there for a reason. When they are useful and purposeful and helpful. And I'm not even really talking about things that you'd get in trouble for, but just general things that society deems appropriate. Some of them are just plain stupid in my humble opinion. Seriously!

Take for instance looking each way before you cross the street. That's a super helpful rule. Means your sorry butt doesn't get run over by a car, truck and/or some other sort of vehicle which is WAY bigger than you. Yep, that's definitely one that makes sense.

Or turning off the oven before you leave the house. Don't want your pretty little house to burn down do you? So, you make sure your stove is turned off...simple as that. Perfectly logical, there's sense to the rule...and if you don't follow the rule..well..that could be bad. Real bad. Follow this rule people, it's a good one.

Or, for a final example (of really, many of our societal rules)...Always brush your teeth. It's not NECESSARY that you do this..but if you don' end up with mega bad breathe, cavities and who knows what else down the road. Makes sense to brush your teeth, it's a pretty smart rule. I personally like being able to chew my food.

Don't get me wrong...there are lots of good 'rules' in life...but there is also a giant pile of them that I can't quite figure out.

Like why do we need to have an objective when we're writing a Resume? I'm pretty sure that the person doing the hiring KNOWS that I want a job. Pretty sure that's WHY I'm handing them a resume and asking them if there are any openings...and if they can't figure that out..then I'm pretty sure that *I* should be doing THEIR job instead of asking them for one.

Or why must our Resumes only be X amount of WHATEVER long? What if we're so important that people SHOULD know more about how awesome we are? Not saying that I am or anything..I just know some people that are pretty freakin' awesome and would probably have crazy impressive long resumes with more important skills on them then 'I haz me some good people skillz' in the 2.5 spaces allotted for describing how wonderful and amazing you are for _____ job.

Speaking of that...Why do we even HAVE resumes? Really? I mean..Who decided that this was such a brilliant idea? What does a piece of paper that's filled with little bits of fluff say about ME? Me as a PERSON? It says basically nothing. Anyone can write ANYTHING down about themselves. They can write that they're organized when really..they are the furthest thing from it. They can babble on about how wonderful they were at their last job..when they sucked more than anything. It's just a piece of paper that determines whether or not you get an interview..which means they take 15 minutes out of their day and determine whether or not they like you.

Which, by the way..I don't know about you..but taking 15 minutes to get to know have a be a pretty darn good judge of character. Which, by the way, I don't think that most people can be in FIFTEEN MINUTES. I know whole bunches of people who can lie for WAAAAY longer than that. I've known people that can lie to me and manipulate me for YEARS. So after 15 minutes...I really don't know how much you can know about ANYONE.

I just don't understand why things HAVE to be done in a certain way and WHY it's necessary to do it this way. It doesn't make the least bit of logical sense to me why someone would care if I have this centered, or indented or bolded or underlined..and I don't get WHY it MUST be done this way because generations previous to us..that's the way it was done.

Maybe I should go eat some red dye number 2? Or maybe take up smoking because it's cool and sophisticated. Or perhaps I'll shun anyone who has a mental illness and advise that they be put into an institution? Logical, right?

OF COURSE IT'S NOT. Of COURSE I would never do those things. That would just be ridiculous.

(Oh wait, North America DID ship all that lovely red stuff to Africa when they banned it and I DID eat it once unknowingly while I was there - Crap. But I will not be fooled again! Word to the wise - don't eat ketchup at fast food joints in Africa. Bad idea.)

ANYWHO. Turns out, generations before us..they don't know everything. And maybe..JUST MAYBE..we don't either. Even when it comes to 'etiquette' that we just HAVE to follow when it comes to writing a stupid RESUME that in the grand scheme of things...uhh...DOESN'T MATTER.

I guess what I'm saying is that I hate this process. Never having had to *gulp* make a resume before. Never having to have looked for a job before...I just can't wrap my pretty little head around it. Buuut..being the one who sifted through resumes that were all carbon copies of each other? puts me in an odd position. A position where I question this entire process even more...and wonder what the point is.

Before you ask, no...I don't have an answer as to how it can be better..or what could be fixed. But man...I already hate it for the arbitrary garbage that it is....and I haven't even begun. You may just think that I'm irrationally angry and taking my anger out on said job-hunting process..but deep just seems like a whole lot of nonsense to me. It's the man..telling me what to do...and I'm sick of being told what to do. Next thing you know..I'm gonna up and join a hippie commune because I'm so fed up with it.

Man, I take it back..rules ARE stupid.

That's tonight's conclusion.

And I'm sticking to least until I go to brush my teeth.

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