Friday, July 30, 2010


Sometimes...people confuse the bejeezus outta me.

At the farmers market a little while ago a woman said to me that she was getting hungry because it was lunch I said to that woman something along the lines of "oh, you should check out what's going on over there (while pointing) and grab a free sample..all of the things the chef has made today look really good!"

Because you know, you're hungry...and free samples from a chef from a yummy restaurant...that's cool...isn't it?

Evidentally NOT. Because then this woman decided to tell me her entire medical history.

About how her doctor told her she needed to lower her cholesterol. And her salt intake. And how she had this and this and this wrong and she really had to watch her diet.

I was a little bit the chef was cooking (small) samples of food with fresh, local ingredients...that sounded like a pretty healthy option to me...but alas...I was not her and didn't know all of the particulars of her medical I smiled and wished her a good day.

A little while later though..she was back.

She was browsing again, and thought that I'd be interested to know that she'd found some lunch from a really nice place and brought it back to the market to enjoy.

I smiled and mmmhmm'd and didn't think much of it..

Until I saw the MCDONALDS bag in her hand.


You pass up freshly cooked, delicious local food...for MCDONALDS? When you're supposed to be watching your salt intake and your cholesterol???



Sometimes all you can do is shake your head in disbelief..

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