Sunday, July 11, 2010

Football Fanatic

I've never been a huge sports fan.

It's just not really my thang.

Give me a good book (or even a bad one) over the sports channel..preeetty much..yeah..anytime.

That being said...I have gotten a liiiiiiiiittle bit carried away with the world cup.

I know, of ALL sports to get caught up Or Really? Whodda thunk it?

I can't really figure out why I'm so caught up with it..since in North overlooked in a big way.

Perhaps it's because my cousins have spent the last decade following soccer as they haven't lived in North America...and thus have swept me into the craze that is the world cup with them. My one cousin lived in Italy for a few years..and even lived there while Italy won the world cup in 2006. It also doesn't hurt that my other cousin who just moved back lived in South Africa until last the world cup being held there is kind of a big deal for her. That, and that cousin MARRIED a football loving South even if she didn't enjoy the game..she's mostly obligated to watch now

It also doesn't hurt that my aunt flew back from South Africa a couple weeks ago and brought me my very own vuvuzela..official FIFA gear yo. I'm so cool with my vuvuzela. My brother and my dad are definitely better at making theirs be noisy..but I still love mine. Who wouldn't love their own vuvuzela during the world cup?!

I find it all rather exciting's pretty intense.


Not to mention that it's a CRAZY GAME. It's not like hockey (I'm so un-canadian-ising myself right now...I'll probably be disowned any second now) where the guys are skating around la de don't get me wrong..still hard..but in football? THESE GUYS RUN UP AND DOWN A GINORMOUS FIELD. FOR AT LEAST NINTY MINUTES. Basically NON STOP.

That's INSANE.

Have you SEEN the size of the field? It's RIDICULOUS.

Hockey players are all "aw man, I've been skating up and down this little dinky rink for 3 minutes, better trade with someone else!" whereas these footballers are all "what, you want me to run the equivilant of a million miles non stop with a broken ankle.....whatevs...pass me the ball yo"

And they do magic tricks with their feet - I mean..really? You did WHAT with a ball and your feet and a huh now? How did that? How are you not DEAD RIGHT NOW BECAUSE YOU SHOULD HAVE TRIPPED AND FALLEN ON YOUR FACE. I'll just...wait for the instant replay..because that footwork is CRAZY TALK. Not that they don't fall on their faces sometimes..but just the amount of time that they spend upright WHILE doing crazy things with their feet..well..dumbfounds me.

They also take some mad injuries. They get kicked, tripped and ripped apart.

I saw a guy get kicked full on in the chest. WITH CLEATS.

Dude. One word: OW.

The final kicker though?

The thing that makes me love soccer..probably more than anything?


Soccer does.

Yeah, they do.

Really, after that...there's nothing else to be said.

Except...holy crap..I'm gonna miss the world cup not being on anymore.

Me...missing sports? Weird.

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