Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Love Sleep. And Babies. I Love Babies That Love Sleep.

I use to be able to go without sleep.

I use to be able to function on a couple of hours.

I use to be able to pull an all nighter, write an essay on something and then go to class the next day...and then go and hang out with friends after that. And then maybe after a couple of days without sleep...crash into a pile, sleep for a few hours and do it all again.

Getting six hours of sleep was good - eight was fabulous.

If you got eight two days in a row?! There was always something to do and someone to see and papers to write and things to do. Sleep was for the weak...who slept? That's just SILLY. Don't you know that there are millions of ways that you can procrastinate on the internet instead of sleeping? 'Cause there REALLY are.

Now though? Now...I just can't.

As evidenced by my meltdown and subsequent 13+ hours of sleep...I just...cannot handle a lack of sleep anymore.

And that worries me.

Not in a "man, I wish I was young and crazy again" way...because as much fun as it was...oh actually WAS tiring.

I'm pretty sure I actually spent about four months of last winter catching up on sleep for the last SEVEN to TEN years.

What worries that in TWO WEEKS (give or take) I will be living with a NEWBORN.

And in 5 weeks...I will be living with that newborn with my cousin and NO ONE TO HELP US AND TELL US WHAT TO DO.

Dude. Ima have to be...grownup. And stuff.


Especially because in 7-8 weeks..that newborn will be doing the most crying it does throughout its infancy. True story, I learneded it in my prenatal classes...babes cry the most from weeks 3-8 of life. Also when there are the highest rates of postpartum depression and shaken baby syndrome. Scary.

But yeah. Babies cry a lot.

And I'm not so worried about that. I can deal with that...I'll learn how to deal with that. And they eat a lot..but I can't do a whole bunch to do with that...I can cuddle...and love...and play...I'm good at THOSE things...

But no sleep?

...I'm a little worried about that.

Because if there is one thing I've learned about growing up?

It's that sleep is pretty darn awesome. And that I love it. And that if it was possible...I might even marry it. Me and sleep are BFF's. Our love was a friendship, set on fire...and all that other ridiculous stuff.

Let's hope I can teach this baby to learn from my mistakes and have a love affair with sleep early on....except when I want to cuddle...and kiss his cute little chubby cheeks. He's not even here yet..and already his cute little chubby cheeks have me under his spell. He's gonna have me wrapped around his little finger in no time...Hopefully wrapped around his cute little chubby sleeping finger.

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  1. So true. Sleep is amazing. I was at Court's this weekend and Chloe woke up and woke me up, every morning with her little cries. The first morning I was so excited to wake up and play with her that I just went into her room scooped her up and didn't care how early it was. With all the traveling we had done and the long-ish days, I was pretty sleepy so waking up the next morning was a bit slower. I tried to ignore her whimpers and go back to sleep but it was so hard, too hard, and I gave up and scooped her up, changed her bum and we had morning cuddles. Courtney said both mornings she heard nothing. So hopefully you'll learn like Courtney has that crying is what babies do and sleeping through them is sometimes ok! lol Good luck! Maybe we can meet le bebe before we leave for Vancouver. xx