Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tomorrow Morning

I'd been obsessively checking facebook waiting to hear news of the arrival of my friend, Bec's, beautiful little girl..and last night my stalking skills paid off and I saw that a couple of people had posted 'CONGRATULATIONS!' posts on her wall.

Cue: Pure excitement!!

I was so pumped and excited for her, and so happy that the wee little one was finally here and she didn't have to play the waiting game anymore.

I told my (still pregnant) cousin that Rebecca's baby had arrived and she was like...oh cute! When was she born? Morning, night, what day, etc.

And that's when it got a little confusing..

Because as it was 9 at night when I heard the news...but that meant that it already well into Monday morning there...and so I had no other option but to tell her that baby Gretta was born...tomorrow morning.

Because now it is yesterday there, and when it happened, it was tomorrow here.

Confused yet?

Oh date you confuse the heck out of me. Thirteen hours time difference from here to Australia is just way too much to fathom! Especially when there are cute pictures of adoreable little babies for me to stare at! Only another couple weeks (or less!) until we have a new little babe of our own in the house! It's baby central 'round these parts...and everyone is anxiously playing the waiting game!

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