Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Sun'll Come Out...Tomorrow (?)

Sometimes you just have one of those days..

Where you get next to no sleep, and that minimal sleep feels even less than it should be because you toss and turn all night.

Then you get up at an ungodly hour, drive two hours into the blazing hot downtown Toronto core, drop someone off...and drive another two hours back home. Mix in a healthy dose of those hours being infiltrated with idiot drivers and exhaustion wearing at you.

All before nine am.

Then you're so exhausted and so hot because the mercury has decided that it's like Barney from HIMYM's playlist (All rise, Baby) and it's so hot you sweat buckets while you sit.

So you gather up enough energy to move yourself into the pool and feel partly human again. You don't swim, because that would take up precious energy..but you sit in the water and wish you could live there.

You leave the pool because you've turned into a prune and your hair is coated in a disgusting layer of cholrine...but then waves of feeling gross and exhausted plague you once more.

So you drag yourself into your sweltering car to drive home, while trying to keep your eyelids off the floor...swearing that you're going to go to bed ASAP, trying to stay awake right then and there because you're so exhausted...but you're so exhausted, sweaty and your general lack of contentment means that every. little. thing. drives you ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

Arriving at your destination, you crawl into bed swearing that tomorrow will be better, that it always is after a good nights sleep.

You lie in a pool of your own sweat, dreaming of winter and negative temperatures because humans can't be expected to survive in this...

..and suddenly your alarm is going off again.

Another day has began.

You try to convince yourself it will be a better day, but yesterday looms over your head.

And suddenly you're dripping in sweat, throwing things and crying uncontrolably...all before 7am.

Ugh....Happy Wednesday.

Tomorrow has to be better...right?

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