Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Not Even Halloween

I'm relatively convinced that robots are taking over the world.

You know, in the form of alarm clocks.

If you MUST know...I lost my alarm clock. Well, I didn't really LOSE I took it elsewhere to be used...and then it became a permenant fixture there.

And then I took it somewhere else...and I left it in my car.

And then that alarm clock went and shacked up with someone else.

I know - my alarm clock has an exciting social life. Lucky it.

Wasn't such a big I've just been using my cellular device for my getting up neccessiities...except that more often than not...I'm flipping back and forth between houses (whilst feeling like I'm living out of my car and/or random bags of clothing I happen to be carting around whilst hoping that someone SOMEWHERE takes pity on my and does my laundry - ps - I love my mom for so many reasons, but doubly for when I show up with a bag of clothing and then it magically all goes POOF and ends up being clean.) and...where was I? Oh right. So I'm living in various houses and this and that and whatever and I have to get up in the morning but OH GOD MY CELLPHONE IS ABOUT TO DIE AND I HAVE NO BATTERY LEFT.

Crap. Yeah - not so good.

Especially when you have an alarm clock with a social life.

So my mom took pity on me and picked me up a new cheap alarm clock so I need not worry about waking up here or carting my cell phone charger between my various locations.

It'd been sitting unused for a for once my cellular device had decided that it didn't hate me and was still charged everytime I needed it...when suddenly LOW BATTERY plagued my poor little cell's screen.

I sighed and resigned myself to setting up my new alarm clock. Exhausted..and not in the mood to press seven million buttons while simultaneously alternating between holding down another three, then six, then four, then nine...I plugged it in and went to go glance at the time to set it correctly.

When I came back though?

It was already set.

To the correct time.

Even the correct am/pm portion.

...Which obviously leads me to one of two conclusions:

1) Alarm clocks are now being programed with robots that know the time and have a pre-set time in which they are going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD

2) Gnomes and/or aliens have infiltrated my living space and are following me around playing tricks on me while I'm not looking to make me think that robots are trying to take over the world so that I become super paranoid about machines and technology and miss seeing the signs that gnomes and/or aliens are plotting to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Clearly only bad things can come from this.

Bad, bad things.


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