Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Love Hate Relationships

I have a big, bold statement to put out there into the world of the internets.


I know.

Me, taking a stand for something, anything. Whodda THUNK it?

Not me. Or probably you. Or you over there sitting in the corner...you know you wouldn't have. Seriously, just admit it.

Anyways - here is my big, bold statement.

I. Dislike. Pie.




Okay. The screams of horror need to end.

I know some people make valid arguments. Take for instance The Scientific Approach written over at Hyperbole and a Half.


Those would be some darn convincing arguments.

Can't argue with science dude.

Except....that...I do.

It's true...I cannot tell a lie...99% of the time...I don't enjoy pie.

Not because I don't enjoy delicious fruit filling - because I DO....it makes my heart AND my tummy happy.

But pie crust?

Ewwy, ewwy, YUCK.

So yuck infact...that I would rather eat cake. I would give up all of the yummy filling..because I don't like pie crust. And I would trade it all in for cake.

Yeah. CAKE.

Well - unless my mom makes the pie....and then the pie crust is flaky and melt in your mouth and delicious and wonderful and it doesn't taste like you're eating pie - it only tastes like you're eating heaven filled with yum.

Yep. Go Back. Take your time. Read it again.

One more time for the books?

My mom's piecrust is HEAVEN FILLED WITH YUM.

Today's lesson? Yum is good. Ewwy ewwy yuck is not. Therefore, you should all come over and try some of my mom's pie...because it's pure awesome.

Except you probably shouldn't...because it's mine. All mine.

Okay - Today's REAL lesson? Erin's bad at sharing...at least when it comes to her mom's homemade pie.

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  1. the top crust, or back crust? i don't like back crust. same team.