Sunday, September 27, 2009

Forever Friendships

The other night I had dinner with one of my oldest, dearest friends in the entire world.

Ryan and I have been friends for...a decade. Whoa, that makes me feel REALLY old..I didn't realize that it has been TEN YEARS since I started alive.

Anyways, so...we have been very very very close for years, and despite growing up, moving into different directions in our lives, to different cities, to different groups of whatever life brought us...we've still managed to maintain a wonderful friendship. There have been times in our lives where we've seen each other basically everyday for months and years on not seeing each other for years...and everything inbetween. The other night just proved to me once again though..just how much I love and adore him to bits.

First off...he worked all day..and then still cooked me dinner. If nothing else, this is just an amazing glimpse into the person he is. We could have gone out somewhere, or done it another night when he wasn't working (in a kitchen no less) the entire day of, and the next day..but no..he went out of his way to cook me a delicious dinner..

Not only did he cook me dinner, but it was an absolutely FAAAABULOUS dinner...ooooh man! The most tender, juicy, flavourful porkchop that I have ever eaten, roasted potatoes, and green and yellow beans that were infused with garlic and butter...mmm. Heaven. Basically, heaven.

Yeah, he might try to tell you that he's this tough, this, 'I don't care' kinda guy..but if he actually does care about something..then he's quite possibly the worlds biggest sweetheart...

He's the kind of boy who has posters on the wall of bands from ages ago, who will always say what's on his mind and makes you pick out the next record from his vinyl collection, just to see what you'll choose. He thinks critically, watches baseball and loves his cat. He doesn't care about celeb gossip, reads the news on a regular basis and if he has a problem with someone..tells it to them like it is.

I love that we can talk for hours about everything and anything, we can joke around and tease each other..and then switch to have the most serious conversations about what's going on in the world and our place in it. It's nice to have that person who you're so comfortable with that it doesn't matter what comes out of your know that they'll understand in some bizarre way.

He's honestly one of my favourite people in the entire world..and I'm so happy that he's moved back to town..and I've MOVED back to town...because it means that I get to spend bunches of time catching up with him..and just being around him is this breath of fresh air in my life that I feel like I've been desperately longing for :)

Horray for old friends that are like fine wines and keep getting better as they age :)

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