Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back Together Again

Today I decided that..

I want to marry my chiropracter.

Okay, well..not really. It might be a little bit awkward as his wife (my ex-uncles sister) might be a little peeved..but I do love him in a completely 'o.m.g. my back feels so much better I'm not even sure I have a back anymore' kind of way. I don't go very often..infact, according to my 'chart'..I've been six times in six years..buuuut...when I do back loves me...just about as much as I love my chiropracter..

My back has been bothering me sometimes it does..I just find that as I go about doing things in my daily back isn't always properly adjusted and thus I go about in a state ranging from slight discomfort to absolute pain....Lately, my muscles in my back and neck get tense and then irritated when I'm lifting things..and the last couple of days the pain has been getting almost too much to handle..and I have a pretty darn high pain tolerance :P When I walked into his office this afternoon he felt a couple of places in my back, whistled and was like..'wow..this is a mess.'

13 minutes later, I felt like I was walking on a cloud..or at least like I was a human that was put together in the correct form again.. :)

Now, I'm not entirely back to my regular self..but I'm feeling A LOT better..I've got some nice smelly old lady cream to try and sort out my muscles, and am probably going back to see my new favourite person EVER...soon...just to figure out the last few kinks that are still there..haha..I'm so witty.

So, although it seems that my chiro is taken..and happily so...I guess I'll just have to add that to my already oh so huge list of nit picky things I desire in a boy...adding being a liscened chiropracter doesn't limit me TOO much..does it?

On second though...maybe I'll just put it in the 'bonus' section ;)

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