Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I would like to take a brief moment to remind mother nature that..


I wore four. Yes, count them...FOUR sweaters today. Plus regular shirts. I could barely move my arms, I couldn't see past the three hoods that were over my head and I was continually doing the 'get warm jiggle' where I jumped up and down and/or hopped around constantly..

It snowed in northern Ontario the other day.

It felt like snow here today.

I know that it's fall, I know that tomorrow is October...but SERIOUSLY?!?! This is just a LITTLE insane.

So, let's play a fun many sweaters will Erin be wearing by February?

My guess will be...23.

I should mention that yes, I was outside from 6:30am - 3:30pm...but STILL...must it be THIS COLD? How am I going to survive another six months of this..if it's only going to get WORSE? I was already wearing shoes AND mits...and if you know know that I was the girl who for YEARS swore that you COULD actually wear flip flips in up to two feet of snow, as long as there were semi-decent foot tracks infront of you to walk in...who refused to ever wear a winter jacket for a good 4-6 years and would never be seen in mittens, let alone a hat or hood. But, alas, my age is showing..and I'm kind of okay with that...because's darn cold.

Oh Canadian I HAVE NOT missed thee..

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